What is a discount service, an online catalog featuring information about discounts, promos and sales offered by online stores.

Do I need to sign up to access the discounts?

No, you don’t need to sign up to access this information.

How do coupon codes and discounts work?

The site features several types of offers:

1. Coupons (promo codes, vouchers) are mixed letter-number codes. In order to get a discount on a website, you need to enter the code into a special field. This has to be done on the order placement stage.

2. Discount offers are various promotions and sales. These discounts apply to a particular category of store products. You don’t need to actually apply a discount, since the prices are initially discounted. Just read the description of the offer and follow the instructions.

3. Giveaways and lotteries – these offers allow you to get free gifts by placing an order with an online store. To get your gift, you need to know a coupon code or fulfill the conditions of the offer (buy two products, select particular products in the store, etc.). Read the description of the offer and follow the instructions.

How to find a coupon code or a discount?

1. If you are looking for a particular store, you can use an alphabetically organized catalog of online stores in the top menu of the site. The store can also be found through the search form.

2. If you are looking for discounts on a particular product, you can go to our online store catalog, choose a product category and select the necessary one. Information about the latest codes and offers in the selected category is also provided in the right hand side menu of the website.

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